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Saturday, October 29, 2011

My sister's custom Bling!

This is one of the sets I made for my Sister Chris.  My sisters are some of my biggest fans and supporters.  I Love them all.

<> This one was fun to make, especially because it totally looks like something she would purchase even if it wasn't from me.
This set she says "goes with everything".

Chris wanted a fun Black and White Bracelet and Earrings. This is one of my favorites.

Thank you Trina Jones!!

Trina hosted an open house in September for my "Beautiful Bling" at her beautiful home, I can't say thank you enough! It was so fun to meet her friends and some of my new neighbors as well as see some of my own acquaintances/friends.  The food was delish, and the atmosphere perfect. Once again, I am honored and humbled to see so much of my creations go out the door, I hope they are enjoyed for a long time.
Thanks again Trina!!

2011 Fall Collection:

Long Copper/Brown necklace $35, Earrings $10

Copper Rhinestone face w/ brown/copper pearls watch $40

Short front clasp Amber beads Necklace $18, Earrings $10

Short Copper w/Brown  Necklace $22, Earrings $10

Short multi Colored Shells set- Necklace $20, Bracelet $12, Earrings $10

2 in 1 Necklace, Can be long or short as shown, Necklace $35, Bracelet $15, Earrings $12

Red/Black w/clear Rhinestone Face $40

Short Silver w/Pink Pearls Necklace $22, Bracelet $12, Earrings $10

Blue w/clear Rhinestone face $40

Long Black organza and Chain Necklace $30, Black Watch $40, Earrings $10

Pink/Black with Black rhinestone face $40

Short Y Necklace $20, Watch $40, Earrings $10

Purple/Black with Black face Watch $40

Multi Colored Pearl With Rhinestone Face $40

Short w/large Pearls and Shells Necklace $25, Earrings $10

Short Real Stones w/Rabbit Pendant- Necklace $25, Bracelet $15, Earrings $10

Short Silver Necklace $25, Bracelet $15, Earrings $10

Red Cluster Necklace $20, Earrings $10

Long Silver/Feather Necklace $20, Earrings $12

Long Chunky cluster: Earrings $10, Watch $40, Necklace $25

Medium Length Purple cluster front Toggle clasp Necklace $20, Bracelet $10, Earrings $10

Short Red Pearl Front toggle Clasp Necklace $18, Bracelet $10, Earrings $10

Short Blue & Black w/chain Necklace $22, Bracelet $10, Earrings $10

2 in 1 Antique Copper Necklace $25, Earrings $12

Cream/Crystal Rhinestone Watch $40

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Custom Orders

Order #2
A friend of mine was going on a cruise and wanted some jewelry that would go with her Eggplant color dress, for one of the formal nights. It's hard to see in the picture that her dress is eggplant and some of the beads are too, but believe me they matched perfectly. I had such a blast making this set. Thanks Darla. I hope you had a blast on your cruise.

New! Red and Silver set.

Necklace $25.00

Earrings $12.00

New! Large toggle clasp Necklace

Necklace $22.00

New! Short large Pearls set

Necklace $22.00

Bracelet $12.00

Earrings $10.00

New! Copper, Feather set.

Necklace $25.00

Earrings $12.00

New! Long Chain and Pearl Set

Necklace $25.00

Bracelet $12.00

Earrings $10.00

New! White Pearl Organza set.

Necklace $25.00

Watch $35.00

Earrings $8.00

New! Silver Galore Set

I will need to take another picture of the necklace, but you get the idea, right? This is a statement piece, have gotten nothing but complements when I've worn it.

Custom order

Order #3
These earrings I made for a friend that wanted really long ones, "that rest on my shoulders" she said. So here they are. She hasn't seen them yet, but I sure hope she like them.

Wedding #2 Mother of the Bride jewelry.

This jewelry is for the Mother of the Bride, she asked me to make her some fun jewelry, the colors are pinks, yellows, with some black and white. She told me she likes vintage styles and flowers. So I used some special charms that might mean a little something to her, like; silver roses, butterfies, pearls, heart with the words "I am Blessed", and one big locket with butterflies and flowers on it in the perfect colors. I hope she loves it!! I hope to get a picture of her wearing it all.

Wedding Jewelry!! My Nieces!!

My nieces colors were yellow, orange and cream. The top picture is the Mother of the Groom's set, the charm on the bracelet says "Son" and "Love". The middle pictures is the Mother of the bride's jewelry The charms on her bracelet say "Daughter" and "Love", she wore a bright yellow dress with a cream cardigan and belt. The bottom picture is for the little flower girls and bride's maids. The flower girls are the ribbon bracelets, just tie them on and they're good to go. I wanted the bride's maids earrings to look like a bouqet of flowers, I think I accomplished that, and the bracelets are just so feminine and pretty. I was told they all loved them. I will post pictures when I get them.

Custom orders

Order #1 for my sister.
My sister bought some jewelry but wasn't quite happy with it the way it was, so she asked me to do something to it to make it more fun and exciting. As you can see there are small colorful stones within the necklace bracelet and earrings, well, that was how the whole set was, just 1 row of colored stones. So I took it all apart and added the big stones with silver beads and chain and silver tubing. I think it turned out pretty fun!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Open House!!

Ok, so I got brave and decided to have an open house the day before Mother's day. (I know it was real late notice) But, inspite of the late notice I was surprised at the attendance. I sold quite a bit of jewelry. It makes me so happy that someone else would like my creations. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, to all of you die hards that took time off of your busy saturday to stop by.
And once again, Thank you Lindsay Datko for hosting my jewelry at your elementary school. Teachers always look so accessorized, don't they?
Have a great Mother's day every one!!

New! Necklace set w/Green and Sliver

Necklace $20.00

Bracelet $10.00

Earrings $8.00

10% off for set $34.20